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Managed services for salesforce

Are you getting the most from your instance of Salesforce? Whether your instance is new to the organisation or a mature system with years worth of data, having an experienced team of Salesforce administrators at the helm is invaluable. Too often, deployed Salesforce systems organically grow from simple tactical solutions to complex, mission critical applications that are difficult to administer. The relative ease-of-use of Salesforce.com makes this a common experience.

Let our team of local certified Salesforce administrators manage your mission critical applications. We work directly with your business owners and subject matter experts to deliver a usable and scalable Salesforce system that is a valued tool for growing your business. We provide comprehensive administration, development and architecture services on demand to liberate your organisation from the details of bits and bytes. Get back to running your business, not your technology.

Why Managed Services?

  1. Cost Effective: In the same way that it makes sense to access your applications in the cloud it also makes sense to outsource application support. Our managed support services are cost effective and allowing your internal resources to focus on high value business operations. You’ve probably invested heavily to develop this system and change business processes so it makes sense to get the most out it.
  2. Salesforce administration is not simple: Managing a mission critical instance of Salesforce is more than adding new picklist values and creating reports. Tasks like User Management, Deployment Management, Release Management, Maintaining Security Settings, System Configuration, Environment Management require an experienced Salesforce Administrator. From a risk management perspective it is critical to have expert resources to ensure that the system runs smoothly and that you get the most out of it.
  3. Accessible Expertise: Our dedicated Salesforce support team is based locally in Melbourne and provides expert support and consultation to your organisation ensuring that you get the most out of your Salesforce system. Our support team is made up of people that can meet with you in person or reside directly on your premises. Our Administration team are expert Salesforce professionals and work directly with your stakeholders to plan and optimise workflow, business processes and information needs.
  4. Leverage our Knowledge: Our system administrators interact daily with our Smartapps Salesforce developers and architects to leverage expertise and knowledge from all our projects. As a Salesforce partner we stay up to date with product releases and review new features so that we can optimise system processes within your organisation.
  5. Scalable: Today, companies rely on cloud-based solutions for greater scalability and flexibility. Smartapps know that your use of Salesforce may change and grow based on the business needs. Smartapps provides services that grow with your organisations needs – enabling you to get the most out of Salesforce as you grow, expand or contract.
  6. Improve usability: We understand that for most organisations, implementing Salesforce is a major time and cost investment. As such, organisations want to increase user adoption and make sure their employees have the proper training and information to use Salesforce to its full potential. Smartapps offers a best practices approach to its training and provides ongoing consultation to ensure end users have a better, more user-friendly experience with Salesforce.

Smartapps Salesforce Administrators Can

  • Will work quickly with our business analysts to understand your system workflow, data and business processes
  • Perform an initial assessment of your instance
  • Provide a ‘hit-list’ of quick-to-deliver items to enhance your user experience
  • Recommend supporting tools & technologies to enable Salesforce.com’s continued use
  • Develop & conduct specialised training sessions as needed
  • Develop and implement advanced reporting solutions

Smartapps Salesforce Administrators Core Competencies

  • Configuration
  • Advanced Customisation
  • Report and Dashboard Development
  • Data Management
  • User Management
  • License Optimisation
  • Workflow and Business Process Flow
  • Campaign Management
  • Ongoing User Training & Support
  • Adaptation
  • AppExchange Applications – Research, Recommendation and Implementation
  • And Much More



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