Customer: Department of Education and Training – Victoria (DET)

The problem

Smartapps were called in to help rectify this Salesforce implementation as the current implementation did not meet the departments needs and users had stopped using the system. Working without a defined specification the previous vendor had simply created exactly what the program area had asked for. This resulted in system that had very little validation rules, data integrity or meaningful stage control. Object labels didn’t make sense and relationships between key records did not represent real life interactions.


Smartapps worked closely with the client to understand the relationships between Department Stakeholders and their interaction with both participants and automotive companies. After establishing key system relationships we then worked in an agile approach to establish realistic validations rules, system workflow and entitlement controls.  In this process we challenged the clients and tested original assumptions so that the final workflow made sense. As part of this process we ran agile sessions on site with regional stakeholders to finalise requirements and to test business processes. In the final stage of this project we replatformed the Partner Portal that was used by the provider to update participant records and retrained the system stakeholders.

DET Victoria now have a system that provides:

  • Partner Portal (build and publish forms eg Application Forms, Evaluation Forms)
  • Participant management
  • Account/Contact Management
  • Document Generation
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Entitlement Management
  • Activity Management
  • Links to Accounts/Contacts and other Engagement
  • Detailed Security for Stakeholders

Services provided

  1. Business Analysis
  2. Solution Architecture
  3. System Development
  4. Portal Development
  5. Reports and Analytics
  6. Training
  7. Data Migration

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