Customer: Workforce Victoria

The problem

Workforce Victoria had a series of complex manual process for receiving and then compiling information on these participant programs. Partner organisations would fill in spreadsheets with participant information and then send these by email to Workforce Victoria who manually loaded these spreadsheets into a series of MS Access databases where reports were run, data cleaned and validation rules were applied. Validation coding that was inbuilt into these spreadsheets was often stripped out by the partner organisations firewall meaning that the spreadsheets wouldn’t open or data validation rules would be deleted. Even when they did work these spreadsheets were too complex for users to fill out. For internal Department users keeping track of these spreadsheets became a major issues as did the process of loading and cleaning this data. In the end it was hard to gain a single view of a Program or to report on Milestones and Outcomes and the system was barely hanging together.


We worked closely with Workforce Victoria to develop a system that would allow easy access for external partner users to update participant records and to claim milestones directly into the system. Whilst for internal users the system has allowed program managers to manage all the departments employment programs and participants in a single system. We worked closely with Workforce Victoria to establish validation rules, workflow and to create reports and because Workforce Victoria already had clear system requirements we were able to work in an Agile approach. Overall we have been able to decommission up to 10 MS Access databases and reduce significant manual processing for this division. Workflow Victoria now have a state of the art cloud based system that provides:

  • Single view of program performance
  • Single view of participants
  • Consolidated outcome reporting
  • Direct access for external partners and auditors using Partner Communities
  • Grant management workflow
  • A standard portal that provides a consistent look and feel for all partners
  • Detailed security profiles for all system users
  • Detailed claim approval and payment management

Services provided

  1. Business Analysis
  2. Solution Architecture
  3. System Development
  4. Training
  5. Data Migration

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