Customer: Department of State Development and Business Innovation Victoria (DSDBI)

The problem

The Department’s program areas were managing grant programs through a combination of spreadsheets, databases and paper based tracking. There was no single source for managing the full grant life cycle within the department. Furthermore a large group of related reporting databases, project management databases and financial management systems were also being maintained resulting in a huge amount of double handling and manually data cleansing.


Smartapps resources worked closely with the Department to architect and develop a grant management system on the Salesforce platform the would allow the Department to manage all grants in a single source. This was not a green field development and required detailed architecture and planning as the grant management system was to be linked to the existing customer engagement and outcome reporting modules so that all of the Departments engagement management, project management and outcome reporting is managed from a single unified system.
The Grant Management system includes a sophisticated customer portal that allows users to create and publish grant application forms and for this application data to be automatically downloaded into the key application and assessment modules.
We worked closely with the department staff and reference groups to develop financial controls and key system workflows that would support the full grant life cycle. Aside from the system development this project involved huge sub projects for change management, data migration and system training. This project resulted in more than 15 databases and many more spreadsheets being de-commissioned. This system is now used by more than 800 internal users and thousands of extra stakeholders.
This system can be used for non grant programs where aspects of the grant management lifecycle are not activated. This system is completely scalable and subsequent Machinery of Government changes have been quickly managed.

DSDBI Victoria now have a state of the art grant management system that provides:

  • Grant Portal (build and publish forms eg Application Forms, Evaluation Forms)
  • Application management
  • Assessment management
  • Document Generation
  • Contract Management
  • Claim Management
  • Detailed Payment Approval Management and Integration
  • Variation Management
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Links to Accounts/Contacts and other Engagement
  • Non Grant Program Management
  • Financial Controls
  • Evaluation and Outcome Modules
  • Detailed Security for Cabinet in Confidence (CIC) and sensitive grant projects

Services provided

  1. Business Analysis
  2. Solution Architecture
  3. System Development
  4. Data Mapping
  5. Comprehensive Testing
  6. System Documentation
  7. User Documentation

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